The Beginning of an End

14 thoughts on “The Beginning of an End”

  1. Angus many congratulations on your escape !! Well done you – I’m sure everyone will love having you back at home where you belong !! Much love xxx

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    1. Thank you Lu. From what I can work out, only those who have a WordPress account are able to ‘like’ posts which makes it impossible for almost all my readers. Unfortunately I don’t believe that I can change it. Thank you for trying though! And thank you for the kind feedback!


  2. King of the Castle indeed! So glad you’ve made it home, I really admire how you’ve worked through this, and your mother is amazing.
    Lovely to see your first crutch-free steps.


  3. Ditto all the comments above! I love yr blog and am looking forward to hearing all about yr new challenges at home – climbing up ‘those stairs’ a few times a day will build yr muscles for sure! Yr Mum is one special lady indeed! Hugs to you both xxx

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  4. Delighted to have you home after a long journey of hospitals. New challenges to face not least the puppy Winston trying to trip to up as you walk! Welcome home son 😃


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  5. Angus – WOW! What an achievement to take steps without crutches; impossible to watch that film with dry eyes. Absolutely chuffed to bits for you and your incredible progress. xxx

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  6. Absolutely fantastic having you home at last, and going upstairs at night to a real bedroom feels like real progress. You are the bravest person I know and have come such a long way. I am very proud of you.
    Mum xxx

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  7. Determination, focus, support… success. Joyful tears as I witness your journey and feel proud and amazed at your recovery and inspired by your journey. You are an amazing person Angus! ~ Julie

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  8. What a journey you have been on. You are an inspiration to all of us. Your strength and determination shine through. Also the love and support of your family, especially Mum/Fi. You can almost touch the bond between you. Shout out to David, Isla, Max & Chuffie x

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