7 thoughts on “Faceplant”

  1. Angus thank you for your honesty and the updates. I am so impressed with your improvement your positive attitude and your positivity. Well done you and God bless. Xx

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  2. ditto Carola’s comment – your sense of humour is shining through Angus and I love that about you – my new mantra is ‘anything is possible’ – what’s yours?

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  3. Glad you can try cycling again! You’ve made so much progress, and it’s fantastic that that continues, and that you are looking forward to each next step, despite the frustrations. As other posters have said, you’re an inspiration.

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  4. Angus, where there’s a will there’s a way and you have tremendous will power. I believe you will be able to play many of your best loved sports again, remember 9 months ago you literally couldn’t even raise a finger, you have come such a long way since then, and you are constantly active and open to new ideas and challenges. Very proud of you.

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  5. Probably not your first face plant, but maybe the first one sober…? Your physios must love working with you, and to have walked out of the clinic without crutches is testament to all your determination and hard work. Absolutely awesome! Hang in there – your full recovery may take time but you’re aceing every new challenge, and Winston will be delighted to help with the cycling!

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