The Joys of Ageing

3 thoughts on “The Joys of Ageing”

  1. What a philosophical post! And what a tedious journey you had back from Cornwall. I still think you’re amazing, and would observe it’s a long time since I’ve seen your grandfather in a swimming pool!

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  2. Angus,
    Your skills as a writer have improved tenfold from your dissertation days – keep going.

    Two points – being young is relative. You will always be young to your parents and old to your younger siblings, regardless of your numeric age. Second, being young is partly a state of mind – I know quite a few people who have got more open minded in their outlook as the years have passed and become quite carefree in old age. So you may get to be young more than once.

    Finally those E X letters were wasted there!

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    1. Haha, thank you Gina.
      Hopefully in time I will be up and about like a spring chicken, enjoying a second youth. But at the same time, I must also be prepared for that not being the case. Fingers crossed, all will work out. Fortunately I know now that even if not everything comes back I can still live a full life.

      Yes, Max did come 3rd out of three players but not everyone can play board games like yourself!

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