Movement in The Feet

8 thoughts on “Movement in The Feet”

  1. Oh Angus I just love your blogs ! Hang on in there and you’ll both soon be reunited – and by then absence will have made the heat grow fonder – if that’s possible ! 🙂
    Also your ankles will have healed up even more – so exciting !!
    You are an inspiration to us all bless you. 🙏🏻

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  2. What a gorgeous photo of Winston, I’m sure he was a great help… October will speed by and you’ll be down under before you know it. Just the most fantastic news about your ankles and walking the sand will now feel even better. Exeter sounds fun and you deserved a huge pizza after all that walking!

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  3. It’s great to see the steps you are continuing to make, and not just in walking for the pizza!
    I love reading each blog you post xx

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  4. Great to hear your blog And that your ankles are moving .Please can i have ur dog he is beautiful .How come you got physio before me im still waiting i left The Bradley Unit before you .Bet you cant wait to get to sydney tomeet up with your girlfriend .Cant i write a blog once out of hospital Angus

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