A Substantial Recovery

16 thoughts on “A Substantial Recovery”

  1. Angus so pleased and proud of all that you have achieved. Wishing you a wonderful trip to Australia. If you have half as much fun as your Mother & I did you will have a fabulous time!!! X

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  2. Gosh. What a year. Delighted to find us here after the terrible few days this time last year. Complete panic and so far away….helpless and clueless. Now full of hope and happy.
    I will never look at somebody in a wheelchair in the same way. Well done Angus for being so positive in your battle with GBS Lots of love. Dad

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  3. Well done Angus you have done so well . They keep saying give it time and it just shows they are right . I am not completely there but like you I can manage . I have even gone back to work 3 hours a day . Keep up the good work .x

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  4. Your recovery has been phenomenal Angus, and I would imagine largely due to your positive mental attitude throughout which has been extraordinary. At last you’re heading out to Oz! Enjoy it, and give Chuffs a big hug from me too when you see her. Congratulations on all your extreme hard work over the last year, can’t think of anyone who deserves a holiday more xx

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  5. Angus you are amazing. When I think this day a year ago you’d just cycled Death Road wondering what the tingling feeling meant in your legs…and that night you were in hospital. I’ll never forget seeing you lying prostrate on that hospital bed in La Paz having flown through the night to you. You’ve worked so hard on your recovery and come much further than the medical establishment thought you would, and you’re still recovering. Have a wonderful time in Oz, you deserve it!

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  6. What a journey. It’s been really, really hard but you never gave up trying, never gave up hope and to be where you are just a year later is testament to your incredible fortitude. You’ve taught me so much and I’m so proud of you. Enjoy feeling the sand between your toes in Australia!

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  7. Angus,
    A huge, huge well done for all you have achieved. The sheer amount of work and determination you have put into every physio session has been exceptional and you have reaped the benefits.
    Have a WONDERFUL time in Australia and New Zealand, you deserve it!

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