First Days Down Under

5 thoughts on “First Days Down Under”

  1. It’s so fantastic that you’re in Australia, Angus, hope you are already feeling a little less pain, you’ve had such a journey over the past year.

    Lovely to see your smiling face at the beginning of the post, and amused by Max’s conversation with David! Look forward to seeing a picture of the vehicle…

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  2. You’re finally in Australia! Your fall sounds agonising, but you’ve made it so far, so quickly, because you’ve kept pushing yourself. I do hope it’s less painful now. Good luck with the new wheels; the “ute” sounds great fun!

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  3. What a rollercoaster first few days in Sydney. But at least you’ve finally made it and you are reunited with Chuffy! You will recover from your fall in a few days, just take it easy and don’t push yourself too hard. Enjoy!

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  4. Glad that you got there safely ,wow like me just think we’re you were and we’re you are know .Don’t push yourself to hard give your body time to recover .It’s not a race ,it’s a amazing experience with many great memories along the way .Enjoy the journey

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