Six Months Later

14 thoughts on “Six Months Later”

  1. Angus it’s just great to hear that everything has been going so well for you – that’s marvelous news indeed and you so deserve it – long may it continue/may you go from strength to strength ! 🙂
    Love to you all, CAROLA xx

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  2. So pleased for you Angus I was beginning to wonder where you were . Spoke to Sharon the other day and she confirmed you were fine . I am still working hard to get back to full recovery but you told me two years so I still have time . I will never forget the help and support you gave me even though you were struggling your self you are a genuine kind person. Please let me know how you progress . Love Marion x

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  3. You’re an inspiration and your incredible recovery is SO well deserved! It must be satisfying to track your progress – although I’m sure some sessions are more challenging than others. I loved seeing you the other day looking so fit and well. Keep working on that book, it’s going to be the most amazing read.

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  4. I couldn’t love this update any more! So ridiculously proud of how hard you have worked for this and how far you have come.
    Enjoy your independence, you have worked so hard and put up with so much to get there.
    Oh……. also bottom in 😉😁

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  5. Hi Angus I missed ur call, u need to let me know when u are going to phone so I make sure I pick up. Wow I love reading ur blogs and hope u continue, Althrough maybe we need u need u more than you need us,u continue toachieve so much, we hope that live is treating you well u deserve it. Has urmoved in with ur girlfriend in London. There is no stopping u.


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