Six Months Later

10 thoughts on “Six Months Later”

  1. Angus it’s just great to hear that everything has been going so well for you – that’s marvelous news indeed and you so deserve it – long may it continue/may you go from strength to strength ! 🙂
    Love to you all, CAROLA xx

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  2. So pleased for you Angus I was beginning to wonder where you were . Spoke to Sharon the other day and she confirmed you were fine . I am still working hard to get back to full recovery but you told me two years so I still have time . I will never forget the help and support you gave me even though you were struggling your self you are a genuine kind person. Please let me know how you progress . Love Marion x


  3. You’re an inspiration and your incredible recovery is SO well deserved! It must be satisfying to track your progress – although I’m sure some sessions are more challenging than others. I loved seeing you the other day looking so fit and well. Keep working on that book, it’s going to be the most amazing read.

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